5D+ Auto VBO now supports export 2D DXF with layers

Hi, this is the thread to support user from SketchUp forum for my extension.
This is a paid extension but have a free trial in 30 days.

You can find all features here: USER MANUAL - Link to purchase: https://5dplus.info

Latest News - new version 1.1.0 is available now.

In this version:
Add new Export 2D DXF feature:
Projection current view to 2D then export DXF file.

The DXF file including:

  • Convert SketchUp Tags to DXF Layers with ACI colors and line types.
  • Preserve SketchUp model ‘s origin.
  • Maintain SketchUp unit.
  • Create a block for all exported entities.
  • Included hatches and polylines if using Curic Section
  • Create a block for Curic Section entities.

Please note: This feature only supports SketchUp 2023 or later.


A small feature: Rotate view 90 degrees

Awesome, the best is the price, I’ll get the three machines permanent license.

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Buy once, free permanent upgrade.
And the road map here:

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Demo feature: “Create 2D Drawings” from 3D Model right inside SketchUp. All “2d edges” are separated by tags same with 3d model.

Hi @Cyentruk - I am trying out your extension. It already looks promising but I can’t figure out something. If 2 objects overlap in Sketchup I would assume that the resulting DXF only shows the visible lines. My initial trial and error testing results in a DXF that has all the hidden-by-overlap-line-work visible after all. Missing feature or am I making a mistake?

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If everything is right, the result should be like this: (the color, the origin, the block …)

Let’s try this:
Go to menu File > Export > 2D Graphic …, select DXF, then:

  1. Open options dialog
  2. Choose AutoCAD 2007
  3. OK
  4. Cancel

Then try to export again and let me know.

Hi @Cyentruk → that’s a quick response! :slight_smile: If I understand you correctly, you wanted me to test the baked in Sketchup 2D Export? Results in a file with the expected lines (without the Layers of course…)

I’ll attach the test file. I am on a Mac - might this lead to problems?

regular_2D_export.dxf (687.7 KB)
TestVBO.skp (186.4 KB)
vbo_export.dxf (708.2 KB)

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Ah - I found the problem. The “activate section” slider must be set to “off” in order for it to work

No, my exporter need native “Export 2D Graphic” run once before press the button Export DXF. But seems in Mac OS, it does not work properly as in Windows. In Windows, I can run it automatically. So I asked you try to run it first (just open the dialog then cancel).
Here’s result when export in Windows from your file “TestVBO.skp”

view.dxf (161.1 KB)

If you don’t mind, send me your real work via P.M, then I send you result of exporter.

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I will - I cannot test this further right now but will get back to it in the evening.

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Demo feature: “Create Grid Level”

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(Release date 2024.02.25)

New version 1.2.0 is released.

  1. Add feature Custom Scene Visibility (see details).
  2. Assign default material tag for Building elements if using VBO Nested Group tool.

Watch video tutorial:

Full Release notes: Dropbox Paper