Layout Template not working

All of a sudden, my custom made template in Layout will not show the Sketchup model when I send it to layout using the template that I made. If I send the same model to a default Layout template, the model shows up just fine. I must have broke or turned off something in Layout to now show anything . I have been trying to figure this out for hours. I have tried purging the references, but it does not seem to work.

Send the .skp file to the LayOut file and share it so we see what you are working with.

I see dropbox in the link, that could be the issue, syncing often causes issues.

Where is the Embedded file coming from, or where did it come from?

Layout Problem.layout (275.5 KB)

Crossfit Rack Systems copy.skp (408.4 KB)

I don’t know where the embedded file is coming from. And yes, I was trying to save the layout templates as well as the sketchup model files to Dropbox so that I could access from a laptop at work. It did not seem to work out to well.

There is nothing wrong with that, but do not save them directly from SketchUp/LayOut to Dropbox or open files directly from there. Use a folder in your computer’s harddisk to save your files and copy them over to Dropbox afterwards. Similarly, download your files from the cloud, save them locally and work on the locally stored copies.

Thank you for your idea on copying the files.

As for the viewport not showing up, I opened the file called LayOut Problem. I found a viewport for the model on page 3. It is on the Cover Page layer which is turned off in your file. When I turned on the layer in the Layers panel, the viewport shows in all its glory.

I would suggest that you edit your template to include one or more layers that are specifically intended for SketchUp viewports and make one of those layers active when you save the template. That way when you send to LayOut the first viewport will be on the correct layer. Make the first page of the template where you expect to show the SketchUp model the active page, too. Then you don’t have to fuss with getting that first viewport in the right location.

This is the way I have layers set up in one of my templates. All the locked layers below the active Model layer contain title block stuff and page borders. The text is either fixed text or it is auto text that gets filled in through Document Setup so there’s no need to ever unlock them. Also notice that Dimensions and Art Text are at the top. This means they will not be obscured by model viewports or LO drawing entities.
Screenshot - 4_17_2020 , 9_01_49 PM

Humm, Iooked on page 3 and it never showed up. I knew that I had the cover page layer turned off on all the pages after the cover page, but the cover page layer was visible on the first page. This template is a copy of other templates I have in the past and the viewport showed on the cover page every time until just recently.

Layer visibility is a per page thing. It doesn’t matter whether or not the Cover page layer is turned on for the first page if it’s turned off on the third page. The only thing I did that made the viewport visible in your document was turn on the visibility for that layer on Page 3. The only page in that file that has a viewport is Page 3.

Okay, I just tried it again and it showed up. I guess I better research up viewports. I assumed they were on every page and when you selected send to layout in sketchup, it automatically went to the cover page. I don’t know why it started showing up on page 3 instead of the cover page. I will have to figure how I accidentally did that.

A viewport would only show automatically on every page if you put it on a layer that is set to shared. That would make it the same viewport on every page, though. You probably don’t want to do that.

It goes to the active page in the template which is why I wrote, “Make the first page of the template where you expect to show the SketchUp model the active page, too.”

If you saved your template with the Cover Page layer active and Page 3 displayed, that’s where the first viewport will show up when you send to LayOut and select that template.

Maybe it would be smart to start over with your template. Add appropriate layers for the entities you’ll include in your documents. And if you want to start on the first page showing your model then make sure that page is up when you save. Note that there are some OEM templates that open to the first inside page instead of the cover page. If you started with one of those templates, you might have started with that problem. It could be that the viewport was really inserted onto the first inside page but then at some point you added another page before it.

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That makes sense Dave. Thank you very much!

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