Layout will not show the latest model changes


I have saved and closed the Sketchup model and then inserted a viewport but an older “version” keeps showing in the viewport. I have triple checked the model and opened and dragged the same file from the browser. I am new to Layout and need to know if this is a bug or if there is a simple fix that I am over looking.


It may be possible that the SKP is corrupt even if I can save and open it. The only clue I was given about this is that when I tried to import the model into Chief Architect, I got a warning that there were no surfaces in the model. I have never had trouble before this. However, I did just update my version of Sketchup from 2014 make to 2015 pro.


It may be a server issue too as I saved a copy of the model to DropBox and inserted it from there and it worked fine.


Try going to Document Setup, go to the references section and pick Relink. Navigate to the proper SketchUp file, then select it.