LayOut style drop down list styles-sample gone

Missing list of styles sample provided by Layout. I am using version 2014. Reinstall has been done before. No improvement has been made. What am I missing?

LayOut should be populating that menu based on the Styles available in SketchUp. Is SketchUp installed in the same folder as LayOut? When you run SketchUp, do you see the normal list of styles in the Styles Inspector?


Problem solved! Thanks for reminding me, although is not about folder location, you remind me something that the file name could be a problem. Why did I do this? I was trying to identify between Sketchup 8 icon(logo), Sketup 2014 and 2015 logo, since they look alike. To identify them I change the file name. After the change, the style list gone. Now the problem solved by changing the name back to original.

Great! I’m glad you figured it out.

The SketchUp team has the same issue with the icons all looking the same - at the moment I have seven different copies of LayOut on my machine that all have the latest icon. We’re thinking about solutions.