Layout 2021 Style Dropdown Options

Screenshot 2021-04-11 133115

When I click on In Model Styles I get the option of two Style folders.

One is c:\ProgarmData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Styles circled green

and the other is c:\Users\Paul\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\Styles circled red.

How do I delete folder that refers to SketchUp 2019?

I tried to do a repair as administrator but I continue to get the dreaded “can’t find SketchUpPro.msi”, so I uninstalled SketchUp 2021 as administrator and then re-installed as administrator and the folder referencing SketchUp 2019 is still there.

Is it possible to customise the location of the in-Layout styles folder?

I think I’ve worked it out.

The SketchUp model in Preferences>File Locations under Styles links to the styles folder in the SketchUp 2019 folder!

The 2021 preferences pointed to the 2019 Styles folder? Did you set that up at some point?

I guess so…

Hmmm… Well it’s fixed now.

I think there should be an easier way to differentiate those two folders in the menu than opening them to see what’s inside.