Styles view menu disappeared

I just created two models in sketch up like yesterday, I’m a beginner but I’m getting the hang of it. I opened a new model to start another design and the styles view menu has gone so I cant select the top view icon to start drawing from, whats going on, where has it gone??

You’re using SketchUp Free (Web) as indicated in your profile? If so, the setting for the camera position is not in Styles. It is in Display. FWIW, you don’t have to set the view to Top view in order to start a model.



I moved your thread to the SketchUp Free category.

thanks so much! I dont know how i thought that…

i did put the discussion in free web user

When I moved your thread I moved it from the SketchUp category to the SketchUp for Web–SketchUp Free category.
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I suspect this forum software was originally created by a dominion company, so obviously the truth is something else.

You’re hilarious!

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