Styles window empty

Hi, my styles window opens, but all style options are gone. I downloaded Sketchup again thinking I may have deleted them and same result.

Is your forum profile up to date with SketchUp version and operating system? Is SketchUp actually installed or have you been running it from the DMG file?

Thank you! I downloaded again and they are there, not entirely sure what I did - lol appreciate your help

I found more styles from a site suggested here, how do I upload them into sketchup

What’s the site? Most likely you’ll just download the .style files and move them into the Styles folder.

Since you didn’t respond to my question about your profile being up to date I would assume you’re still using SketchUp 2022. In SketchUp’s Preferences, go to Files. Click on the open folder to the right of the path for Styles. That’s where you’ll save the styles you download or created. I would recommend creating sub folders in the Styles folder so you can sort styles into categories.

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No, sorry - sketchup 2023 I downloaded from sketchucation

Please correct your forum profile.

Same instructions apply for saving the style files.