Layout Slow when updating model reference

This used to take approx 20 seconds, now it is taking 1 minute 30 seconds to update model reference in Layout.
I think this started after the update to version 31.1.341
I am a Mac user. I updated the OS to Sonoma today, and the problem has not improved.

This makes working with layout whilst editing my Sketchup files massively frustrating and slow.
I am loosing over 45 minutes of my day just watching the spinning beachball of doom instead of being productive!

Any solutions for this?

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You shouldn’t have done that, sketchup and layout 2023 don’t have support for MacOS Sonoma, there have been some issues with sketchup running on Sonoma. Sketchup 2024 will be fully supported for Sonoma.

We need to check your file to see what could be the cause, otherwise we can only try to guess what could be a solution.

The update to Sonoma has not affected my use of sketchup or layout. I have not encountered any problems with it.
I was advised to do this update by our IT contractors, to see if it would fix the problem, and to keep all of our Macs up to date with security etc.
With respect, are you an IT professional? Do you know my work network and systems etc?
It is not clear in your message if you are a representative of Sketchup?

This is an issue with every Layout / Sketchup file we have on our system. I have not tested all of the files I have generated over the last 8 years, but it has been a problem with every one I have opened in the last 2 weeks: approximately 40 or so different files.

Good luck, perhaps you will be lucky. I had to roll back from Sonoma after an update. Crashing every two to three minutes.

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This is a user forum, 99% of the people replying are users, just like you.

Check your rendering resolution. It may be set to high while editing. I think some of the defaults changed with the update.

Thanks. I will try that.

We believe we know the cause of the slowdown during SketchUp model reference update that is seen in the latest 2023.1 release, and are looking to improve the performance of this operation in the future.



What made you think I’m a representative of Sketchup, this is a users forum, there are some sketchup team members here but you’ll recognize them by the label under their forum user profile.

Good for you, there are a lot of people on this forum that have updated to Sonoma without checking if the software had support and they had to go back to Ventura, they were having random crashes and bugs.


Thanks for Adam from Sketchup replying to say this is a known issue with 2023.1

I have an older version still on my Mac and have done some comparisons:
A Sketchup file which takes 2 minutes 10 seconds to update in Layout 23.1.341 only takes 10 seconds to update in 23.0.418

Fingers crossed for the next update to fix this.
I am reverting to 23.0.418 until then.


I am having trouble getting my model to update in layout

I have narrowed it down to a crazy big component in sketchup but I can’t seem to locate it.
It’s P24910-snw and it has 81,716 entities.
4423 Marie Hawkins.skp (4.7 MB)

Any tips? It’s taking at least 30 mins each time (sometimes longer) to update my model reference. It’s killing me!

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Searching in Outliner revealed it. I expected it to be in a bathroom, not on the outside of the house.

You’re right. It has a riduclous number of entites for no more than it adds to your model. I deleted it and purged the file. In the future before you add entourage from the 3D Warehouse or other sources to your project files, open them in a separate file so you can check them over, fix them, or reject them. Only after you find they are ready for use do you add them to your project.

4423 Marie Hawkins purged.skp (2.7 MB)