Layout Slow in Vector mode

OK I know this is just another Layout is slow topic, but it seems like there is a serious flaw in Layout in regard to handling hi-poly models in vector mode. The following model sent to layout totally freezes Layout for a long time about half an hour. In SketchUp it’s nice and snappy on the same computer.

If it’s going to take so long to do it’s thing there should at least be a cancelable progress bar. As it is you have no Idea if Layout is going to recover or not.

Note: This is on the latest version. I use many versions.

If you intended to post a model link, it is not there…

That’s a weird post insert – I can log into my Trimble account and interact with it.

Sorry the model was marked as private. Can you access it now?

In LayOut 2023.0 the template were probably set to have the Rendering/Override option turned on. With 2023.1.3, the latest version, that option is turned off.

Check if you’re up to date with LayOut, then try the same test again.

With something like 750 000 entities, it is rather large for LayOut. For forming a 3D terrain, the contours are overdetailed.

I understand it’s rather large. Send to Layout is very fast, but changing to vector or hybrid is what causes the app to hang for over half an hour. I’m a software dev myself and I know there has to be a some sort of design flaw if an app hangs for half an hour. On windows at least, if an app hangs for 5 seconds it goes into a ‘not responding’ state. My own personal rule is, that for an action that has the potential to take longer than a second or two, there should be a wait indicator, or better yet a cancelable progress bar.

At a minimum I would expect a warning like “This model has 750,000 entities. Switching to Vector mode will take more than half an hour.” The way it currently stands I had to force kill after half an hour and lose all my changes, because I had no idea how many more hours it would take or even if it would ever recover. And this is a brand new, snappy, $1,300 laptop, not exactly entry level.

All the work arounds that make Layout useable don’t make these design flaws acceptable IMO.