Layout feature request: Vector rendering cancel or warning

Please put in a warning message or cancel button for Layout vector rendering. If you have a complicated model and think, “maybe this’ll look better vectorized” …think again. Once you hit that vector render button, you have to be fully committed or you will find yourself waiting for 5-10 minutes to decide to Ctrl+Alt+Del or wait patiently.

or maybe even a progress meter…?

Sounds like there’s something else going on with your model… 5-10 minutes rendering time is really a long time. Can you share some more information about your model?

There IS already a warning dialog when changing LayOut rendering method. You have probably ticked the “do not show this again” box.

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Or, you could give our extension a go that updates references and rerenders just about all your .layout files in a single click, without even opening layout:

Should be on the extension warehouse in a few days, once it gets approved by the SketchUp team.



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Thanks, and it is live as of today:

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