Layout shows hidden geometry, but only in this one object. Why?

I have a deadline coming up, and are just too stressed…!
(I know I probably am doing a lot of things wrong, but right now, I just try to get it to work so I can finish my drawings…)

I am making three quite similar drawings, of three objects. In the Sketchup file I have smoothen the lines, so the objects looks a little cleaner in layout. In the first two objects it worked perfectly! When I tried to do the exact same with object 3, the hidden geometry suddenly starts to show when I choose Vector. Why? What is the difference beetween object 2 and object 3? Can aynone help? I just want to find a way to hide the hidden geometry in the layout drawing.

(I prefer to choose Vector, because the lines look rubbish when printed out in Raster. These are drawings for a theatre that needs to also get pdf / printed drawings.) Tremodul 2.layout (872.5 KB) Tremodul 3.layout (935.1 KB)

The problem in Tremodul 2 is that you have some internal faces inside the base of Øy 2.

If you hide the face on the bottom as I show in the screen shot and then delete those internal faces and the unneeded edges, you should be able to hide the edges on the surface with no problem. Save the changes to the SketchUp file and update the model reference in LO to wind up with this.

Thank you so much for your reply!
But the problem is not in Tremodul 2. That one actually looks fine in the Layout file. All the hidden geometry stays hidden, even in Vector.

But Tremodul 3 is the problem. I am sorry if I was unclear. Here is the Layout-file with the viewport set in Vector. Now you see all the geometry that I tried to smooth over. Tremodul 3.layout (915.4 KB)

Sorry. I did misunderstand. Does this look like it would work?

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Yes, that is perfect! Exactly what I am trying to achieve!

Here they are. It looks like the bulk of the problem came from the way the axes had been set in the groups and the excessive use of nested groups. I cleaned that up and things started to behave. Here are the files.
Tremodul 2.layout (1.3 MB) Tremodul 3.layout (1012.4 KB)

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Wow. Thank you so much!
I am so grateful to you! Have been working day and night the last week (This is just a detail from a stage design for a big theatre production.) Totally exhausted now, and I really did not have the time or energy to start this one from scratch.
Learning by doing when I make my designs… Sometimes that can make the geometry a little bit messy.

Again - thank you so much. You saved my day!