Layout screen goes red 2024

I’ve seen some posts regarding issues with Sketchup 2024 on a Mac and secondary monitors, but I don’t think I’ve seen this problem described and I wonder if anyone else is having it:

When I open Layout 2024 files on my MacBookPro, everything functions as it should. However, when I shift the display to my secondary monitor (Thunderbolt), the Layout image appears compressed and then turns entirely bright red. I have tried adjusting my monitors (main display, secondary, etc) but nothing changes this situation. I have tried opening the same Layout files on Sketchup 2023 and everything works fine. Sketchup files on 2024 are having no such problem on either display, only Layout.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I am on a Mac Studio M1Max and have noticed some performance issues as well.

The knowledge base mentions that red screens can indicate that the GPU is maxed out.

You seem to be using an older Mac. ( your profile )

I have found that using the “experimental graphic” option makes things worse.

I don’t have a solution, and this may be a version 2024 issue.

I’m guessing that people are slowly moving towards the update and these problems are in kind, slowly becoming apparent.

well normally it gives a pink screen, but yeah, neon colour is GPU.
you can also see a neon green when closing some application, I get it with Messenger sometimes.

is it red with the experimental render engine AND the classic one ?
looks like your GPU doesn’t appreciate sending data to your external monitor, do you have another cable to try ? (or other sockets in your machine)

yeah, on one hand, you have several million of users on various machines with various histories and an the other hand what, a few hundred beta testers top ? plus they tend to have robust machines and good practices when the general population fluctuates.

@adam @colin , is this new or are the devs already on this one ?

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Thanks so much for your thoughts. I just tried it with the experimental graphic on the Thunderbolt monitor—-red. Without the experimental graphic on, works as it should. Both work on my laptop without a problem. I have had some issues with the cable; it is old and sometimes takes a few trys, in and out, to get the monitor to activate. That may be the problem here. I will get a new cable and see if that fixes the issue.