Layout Scaled Perspectives?

Is it possible to create a scaled perspective “scene” in Layout?

I have been fiddling with all the settings and can not find a way to get a particular scene (which is set as a perspective) to land (or adjust) on the LO print page at a scale (1/8" = 1’-0" in this case).

There is no such thing as a ‘scaled perspective’. Lines in perspective change scale as they move closer to or further from the viewer/camera. You can however in LayOut switch a scene from ‘perspective’ to ‘ortho’ which then can be scaled.

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Yes! I should have been more accurate, pardon me. It is a section cut (which I want scaled) but then I want the view beyond to be in perspective… Can I post an image here? I will try to do that…

It is a “scale” but not an conventional one (it comes out something like 1:50.666339). I would like it to be 1/8" = 1’-0" however everytime I turn the ortho on it flattens.

There is an extension for that:


Ahhhhhh!!! :slight_smile: I should have asked this question sooner!!! Thank you eneroth3. I will try it out.

eneroth3 How do I get the control screen to come up? The window is blank.

It should show up as soon as you select a plane :frowning: . If you try again with the Ruby console open, do you see any error messages?

Nope… both are blank

That is weird :frowning: . I only have Windows myself but there shouldn’t be any difference.

You can try the old version too

Old version seems to work. Is it metric only?

The old extension only supports a ratio between two numbers. The new one supports scales like 1:100, 10%, 0.25, 1m=4" and probably even more formats.

Okay thank you. I am watching your tutorial to try to figure out what to do with it once in LO but there is no sound - is that correct?

Yup, no sound. You need to size the viewport vertically to the size shown in the dialog. The newer version does this automatically so it’s a pity it didn’t work.

Okay, I will try it. Thanks.

How can I change the scene height to be exactly 106.71 mm???

Start scale the viewport, enter 106.71mm and press enter.

hmm, Looks like I will have to fiddle with it a bit. thanks,

I would create two section scenes, one with perspective and the other with parallel projection, and put them on top of each other in LayOut. Sizing the perspective to match the other might require a bit fiddling.

Yes, that is exactly what I typically do. Was just hoping to avoid the fiddling part. This extension IS helpful to get closer… and if I am lucky the more automated version will work for me sometime. Thanks for the thought!