Layout Page Orientation

It seems all pages in a document are either landscape or portrait orientation.
How would one have both orientations in one layout document?

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That’s not a feature that LayOut currently supports. But I can see why you might need it. Maybe one of the administrators can bump this thread to Feature Requests category,

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I also found it strange at start, as well as not being able to create each page at a different size, but then got used to it.

I actually enjoy having all drawings at the same size and orientation as I can create a better drawing book for construction site.

It’s also good practice to split a construction documentation set into multiple documents, because of Layout’s speed (or lack) at updating multiple viewports of a doc. You can split it in page orientation and sizes too.


Any idea on how to add page number automatically?

Use Auto Text.

Thank you

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I asked about this function last year, I made a topic this year about requesting this function, many ask this question and ask for this function. But unfortunately, developers are not interested in adding this feature. All answers come down to what can be. There seems to be a problem with communicating information from the community to the developers.

I don’t believe that is true at all. From previous threads the developers clearly know about this feature request and have it on their list. They have to work through the list, though, and other things have to be done before they can implement the feature.

Not so. The developers listen to the users and many of them are active in the community forum. All you have to do is look to see they are here.

Thank you for answering, I understand that adding functionality takes a lot of time, I am familiar with coding, but when you wait for several years what many people talk about and this does not happen, you start to think.
The function of adding a sheet is already there, adding the ability to change the orientation does not affect the backward functionality. For some reason this is not added. If a lot of people say that they want this function and they do not add it, it is a problem of information transfer, a problem of priorities. I hope you understand what I want to say

I understand what you want to say. You seem to think it’s as simple as flipping a switch to add a feature. It’s not. You should give the development team more credit for the work they do and realize that they do indeed listen to the users. When you make inaccurate statements such as, “developers are not interested” you are discredited and disparaging them.

Of course not, I wrote above that I understand that it takes time and that I am familiar with coding …
And of course, I am grateful for the development and refinement.
But there are obvious functional problems, short ones I hope will be solved. If a lot of people ask and say the same thing, this suggests that it is important.

If not a secret, how many people are approximately occupied by development? tens, hundreds?

on Windows, that requires the third party PDF library is updated…

on mac’s it requires Apple to update Quartz PDF library…

LO dev’s can do little until both of these include the functionality and are proved to work…

developing a standalone LO PDF library would be prohibitively expensive and time wasting, IMHO…



tens, … See …

That is just those involved in the the forum as moderators, the group is larger:

Here is also a grasp:

Thanks so much for the explanation. This is the first explanation of the process that I met on this issue. I hope it helps others interested in this matter.

Can I ask you to add an answer in another topic, please? :slight_smile:

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