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Rotated pages in the same document has been a feature request but it’s not currently available. You can, however rotate the content on a page. Or you could make two different documents and combine the PDFs in a single document with Acrobat or other PDF editors.

What do you mean by saving text and dimensions into a template. What kind of template are you referring to?

Can you share an example LO file you’ve created?


In trying to show you now, I found it works! D’oh! Beginners error, and luck it seems :blush:

What I was meaning was saving text style and colour, line colour and weight etc as a default state in a template. Seems to be fine now when I create a new template. My apologies.

The paper orientation would be a massive time saver though. Something we’ve always had access to in our Vectorworks package, and giving we’re hoping to move fully to Sketchup, this basic feature would be would be easily picked on by our superiors as a time adder, not saver.



Actually, come to think of it; dimensioning. When I do a vertical dimension line in Layout, I can’t seem to flip the text part to read top to bottom. They are either reading horizontally or vertically bottom to top. I like dims on the right hand side of a model to read top to bottom, and on the left bottom to top. Any suggestions?



Sorry. There’s currently not an option for that. I’ve been using LayOut since the first version and yours is the first request I’ve ever seen for that.


Would it be an easy tweek? Or a buggy nightmare?


Well, you can explode the dimension and rotate the text box 180°. It’ll give you the appearance you’re after but it will result in the dimension not being considered a dimension anymore so the text won’t update if the dimension gets changed. Frankly, if you want to make the switch to LayOut, I think for the time being you’d find it easiest to get used to the text reading from top to bottom. Who knows what features will be added to LO2019, though. Maybe this will be.


Fingers crossed! Thanks for the suggestion.


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