Could we please have options for Portrait and Landscape in each page..?

This has probably been discussed here before, but one major grip I have with layout is the inability to choose my page orientation for each page.
There are sooo many times I need to have the additional height of a portrait page, but don’t have that option to mix orientations. … The only option I seem to have is to have 2 separate layout drawings, one landscape and one portrait.
I would assume it has something to do with the share option for all pages, in Layers, but I would much rather we have an option for page orientation on each page and just have a title block for each page. Leave that feature in there for when I have drawings that are just one orientation…

Please maybe look at his for the next update… It would save me a lot of frustration.


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It has been requested before. Until it is incorporated you could rotate the content on the pages that need it.

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Here’s a quick example. I drew the rectangle to match the borders of the page and rotated it about its center. Then I added the viewport and labels making sure they stay within the rectangle. Then I rotated it all in one swell foop. By making sure the rectangle is included in the selection, the default rotation point will be its center.

You could add the rectangle on its own layer and show it or not as needed. Include it on every page in your template and turn on the layer when you need to use it. If you don’t want to show it in the final product turn the layer off after it has served its purpose.

Thanks Dave,
That does make sense.
Moving forward that will be the workaround I adopt… :ok_hand:

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