Multiple Templates in a Layout File

Can you have different templates for individual pages in one Layout file? And, if the same template is used for all pages, can the orientation be different for individual pages (mixed horizontal and portrait pages)?

Thanks for your help …

No and no.

You can set up some things differently on each page, different borders and that sort of thing but it’s all one template.

There have been requests for changing page orientation but as this point you would need to rotate the content to suit. That’s not really difficult to deal with if done correctly.

A simple way to deal with the page orientation thing is to create a rectangle as a guide for the page border. This can be put on a locked layer at the bottom of the list. Place your content inside the rectangle and when you are finished with the page content, select it all and rotate it 90° to align with the paper.

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Thanks Dave. Did not succeed implementing your suggestion. :frowning_face: My lack of knowledge for sure. I will go back and review the “Layout Essentials” course again. It was an uphill battle with SU and will be with Layout, I am sure. Thought that my small amount of SU knowledge would help but find Layout is a completely different program. Almost as if the two programs were created by different companies and then forced together using a limited number of cross compatible commands.