Introducing a different Layout Template into an exisiting Layout doc

Hello Everyone

I am just wondering can I introduce a different template into a file I am already working, Every time I work with a different template it opens a new page (almost looks like a scene, except its in layout)

I am currently using a A4 Landscape (No Gridlines) but I want to insert Storyboard 1.85, am I able to insert this, if not can I merge all these separate sheets into 1 document.



Each template is basically its own LayOut file to which you add your content. You can open the Storyboard 1.85 template as a new file and then copy the content from your project over to that new document. Since the paper size for that template is 8.5 x 11 you’ll probably need to adjust the location of some of your content to keep it within the borders. You could also edit the paper size for the storyboard template to A4.

So I cannot have 2 or more different templates inside of 1 file… I have to settle with 1 … therefore I am assuming I cannot merge all these different files into 1

I think you don’t understand what a template is.

You can use elements from one template in another file if you want. Instead of copying your own content to the storyboard template, you could copy the storyboard elements and paste them into your project. Or you can make your own template that includes the storyboard elements you want to use. Or make your own template from scratch.

I see … I should probably just create my own… Thanks Dave

I’ve always thought it makes the most sense to create your own templates. If you want some pages to have the storyboard look, you can do that and leave other pages without.

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