Is it possible to have both portrait AND landscape oriented pages in the same Layout file?
I’ve looked through all the menus and context clicked everything I could think of…am I missing something obvious??!

Unfortunately not - all pages have to be the same size and orientation. Nothing prevents you from rotating the page contents by 90 degrees for your portrait or landscape pages, however.


Okay, thanks for the reply.

I use Layout to show product display boards which are in a portrait or landscape orientation within the same project…and to maximize how it appears in a PDF I have customized portrait and landscape templates with my logo and necessary info.

I will just have to keep creating one Layout file for each, portrait and landscape, then merge the created PDFs and shuffle pages around.

Would be a helpful feature in future versions…at least for me!

Note that you can create several shared layers and turn them off individually by page. This way I have created templates that incorporate several page styles (one for the title page etc…)


Admittedly I am fairly new to Layout and have yet to dive into the layers feature very deep. I will have to check out some tutorial vids and give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion