Portrait and landscape in the same layout document

I would like to have both portrait and landscape pages within one LO file. Is this possible? Under document setup, it seems to lock you in to one or the other.

You can only choose one page orientation but you can rotate the content for those pages that need to be in the other orientation.

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It is not possible. Nothing, however, prevents you from rotating the elements belonging to pages that should be in “the other” orientation by 90 degrees. You can also have different “on every page” layers for repeating page elements for each orientation.

Where I live architectural drawing sizes are standardized as multiples of a portrait A4 page, so in principle it is not possible to use the same page size as portrait and landscape. A4 is always portrait, A3 is landscape, A2 is again portrait, A1 landscape and so on, with the possible intermediate varieties.

Thanks DaveR and Anssi for the quick responses. I’ll rotate the content, then I’ll rotate myself to look at it - hard on my neck though.

Thanks again.

Don’t rotate it until you need it rotated. You could create a guide for the borders to work in. something like this. Put it on a layer that you can turn off before exporting the document to PDF. If you keep the content inside the rectangle and rotate it along with the content, everything will be properly laid out on the page.

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That’s a GREAT idea. You’ve been there before.

Get back to your shop.

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I once set the paper size to square, but had to use scissors when printing :slight_smile:
It would be nice to have some sort of ‘Project’ feature in which you could manage different sizes. A1 for permits, A3 for schedules and workshop drawings etc.

Seems to me you would print those different page sizes separately so having multiple LO and then PDF documents wouldn’t really be a problem.

not necessary the same drawings and printed on a different scale/size, but for instance schedules on A3 (or A4) that could be separate from the elevations that are on A1, instead of on the same sheet.

I retired as an architect prior to the age of sending PDFs to the printer - having our own plotter and sending paper originals to them.

I don’t know now about whether different page sizes within a single PDF file would cause their machines problems or, if it is like some printers with multiple paper drawers, and the right paper gets selected when each page in the file is up.

You need to ask them that. I once studied the fool protection of different brands of printers, especially when paper sizes are mixed or pages of another size are sent to one size feed, and other “blonde” errors. The best fool protection is for Konica Minolta printers, and the worst is Canon and Xerox, which damage the paper and/or equipment if the user generates an error. However, the performance of each model may vary within the same brand.

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