Please add IT (sheet orientation)

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for my English.
Please add the ability to change sheet orientation.
I hope I’m not the only one who needs the ability to change the orientation of the sheet as in AutoCAD
creating a separate file for each page is too difficult !!!
Vote on the topic of who else is interested in this!!!)

This is a feature request that the LayOut team are aware of.

Please write a concise, useful descriptive title for this thread.

Also please update your profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp 2015 Make.

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Thank you very much for the information, I hope it will be realized very soon!!))

Maybe it will be.

What version of SketchUp are you using now. Please fix your profile and make it correct.

Will it be possible to change the text more than now? Interested in centering the text on the frame. (Now only left, center, right) It is also of interest to increase the speed of working with text when there is a lot of text in a file, working with it is very slow.

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