Please add IT (Justify Aligned Text)

Hi, it’s me again, please add the ability to Justify Aligned Text, why is this not added to windows?
Vote on the topic of who else is interested in this!!!

It is a style used for newsprint and not usually seen on engineering drawings.

What would you use it for ?

You might give the FlatText extension a look - it does justified text.

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Thank you for the clarification. It would be great to add this because different countries have different standards for design. In some cases, the text looks more presentable. This is a standard feature in many text editors. And it’s very disappointing that this is added to the version for MAC but forgot about the Windows version.

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Thanks for the help with the extension! It is very useful! I would also like to do this in LayOut.

LayOut does not have extensions (ie, no “live” LayOut API yet.)

it’s not added, for the mac version, it’s part of the OS, like PDF…

apple has always put a lot of emphasise on typography, so SU/LO actually turns some builtin features ‘off’ [maybe to lessen the annoyance of windows users]…

a builtin library may be available for some windows versions, but I assume it’s reserved for MS products and big buck software…

I’m a mac user so this is speculative conjecture and why I haven’t comment sooner…


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Thank you very much, now I understand. It is very important that you give such detailed answers.
I want to say that some minor features are very important. Fortunately, Sketchup is used in different countries. Each country has different documentation standards. Please consider this in the future.
Thanks again for what you and the rest of the developers and team members are doing.

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