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Hi. I’ve set up some drawings, modelled in SketchUp Pro, and drawings in Layout. All the latest versions. I use Ariel font for notes and titles. The files (SU and LO) are on Dropbox, so that a colleague can work on the drawings on his PC, (Sketch Up pro and Layout latest versions for PC). Our problem is that when he adds a text note he sees no red down-arrow overflow warnings, but when I open them on my Mac they are there. So if he has 2 lines of text then a carriage return, it justifies up so the second line is centred (does anyone get what I mean?!??!) . Anyway. Not sure why this happens as we’re both using Ariel and sometimes I see a red overflow arrow even if there is no carriage return. But he never sees a warning arrow. It seems his version of Ariel takes less space than mine!! Are his turned off somehow on his PC version, and if so how does he turn them on?

This seems to be a long standing thing between Windows and Mac and has to do with the way the operating systems deal with padding around text. I found this annoying when working between platforms. It’s a pain in the neck to deal with definitely.

Hi Dave. Hope you’re well, and Happy New year.
Thanks for the quick response - its good to at leats know its not me or my colleague being stupid!

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Happy New year to you too, Paul.

It’s not just you and your colleague. :wink:

Yes. From what I read, it results from Windows wanting to align to whole pixels vertically and fractional pixels horizontally whereas Apple wants to scale uniformly and continuously both directions. It stems from emphasis on computer screen presentation (Windows) vs print presentation (Apple). This leads to differences in placement of characters that is usually subtle but sometimes causes issues like described here.

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Thanks everyone. I can see where the problem comes from, so are there any workarounds? my worry is that my colleague is not seeing any warning arrows, and I’m seeing lots. And the warnings seem to be for three different reasons - the windows/Mac anomalies that you’ve all described (thanks!), OR there being a carriage return after the last line of text (caused by either of us hitting Enter when we finish a note, instead of clicking outside the box, - a rather annoying regular occurrence with Layout!), OR there simply being too many words to fit in the box - i.e. the real reason the warning arrow exists.
The fact that the last one exists means that I can’t ignore any of them, because there may be important text which is hidden.
Are his warnings turned off? (can they be turned off? how do you turn them on again?!)

No. I don’t believe that warning can be turned off, anyway. At least in my experience it was always text created or edited on PC and had no warning that showed the warnings on Mac.

It is possible to induce that warning on the PC. If you click and drag out a text box that isn’t large enough for the text, you’ll get it as in my first two examples, here. In both cases I defined the size of the text box before adding the text.
Screenshot - 1_10_2021 , 7_26_02 AM

In this case I clicked and released to start the text box and then began to type. The text box size adjusted automatically as I typed. I did not adjust the text box size after typing. I expect if you had this file open in LayOut, you would get the warning in this last one, too.

You can toggle these warnings. Check View > Warning Symbols. This is a screenshot from mac, but Windows has the same menu:
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 9.52.54 AM


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