Layout on MacBook Pro M1 chip - Application memory

I have a week old MBP 13" M1 chip running 16Gb ram with 512Gb storage. Sketchup seems to running fine, although I have yet to do any heavy lifting. Only a few minutes into Layout and the app freezes and a generated message indicates I have run out of application memory - see attached screen shot

This happens every time I try run Layout. Any help?

What kind of mouse do you use?
I’ve seen this happening when playing with the zoom a lot.

Currently a oldish apple usb type mouse

This is not an answer I was expecting to see…
what does “playing with zoom a lot” mean? I would be interested if for no other reason that where I see most of my slow down issues in Layout (for Mac as well) is when I am attempting to zoom into any page to add dims or notes.

I have seen memory leakage when I had set the scrollwheel without the clicking.
You can zoom very fast in and out and LayOut can’t keep up with the changes.

What you say does make sense, I haven’t had the problem since using my trackpad. I will try some different mouse types when in the office tomorrow. let you know. :pray:

Hi Donna,

We had an internal bug listing this issue and I’ve determined that this issue is caused by inserting a .pdf into your LayOut document on mac and then zooming in very far. We have a fix for this issue that will be included in our next release, whenever that may be.

In the mean time, a work around for this issue is to save the .pdf as some other image type (.tiff or .jpg for example) prior to inserting it into your LayOut document.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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