Layout has a memory leak when zooming using scroll mouse

When using Layout 2022 on iMac 27" 5K 2019 (OS 12.5.1), use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom.
Mouse: Logitech M720. My SU file is 770 KB and the LO file is 3.2 MB, 2 pages, 8 viewports, different rendering settings are used.
Performance gets progressively laggy and stops completely.
Zooming with shortcuts or the popup in the lower right corner using a set percentage does not result in this, and is my only workaround. Considering how useful scroll zooming is in Sketchup, it should work in Layout.
Open a file, zoom with scroll wheel, in or out, multiple wheel clicks.
With Activity Monitor open, the memory usage skyrockets to 350 GB ( I have 32 GB!) which I’m assuming is stored on the hard drive, hence the progressive lag.
The first few zooms just slow down, but when it stops, the memory use just continues climbing while the beachball spins.
The OS eventually brings up Force Quit Applications window with the error - out of memory.