Layout not using units from SketchUp model

Using SketchUp Pro 2020, latest ver. Been using SketchUp since 2016, but very little Layout experience several years ago.

When sending a model from SketchUp the units are changed from decimal/inches to mm.

I changed the units in Layout but it had no effect until I closed the model, no save, and Layout, and sent the model again from SketchUp. Then it came in as Fractional inches rather than Decimal inches as it should be.

The dimensions in LayOut never use the model dimension units. They use the units set in the Dimension Style. Extising dimensions in LayOut won’t change when you change the units unless they are already selected on the page before you change the setting in Dimension Style.

If you choose the dimension tool and then change the units in dimension Style, any dimensions you create after that will use that setting.

The units are a template setting. You should create a template with the desired units already set.

You are using a LayOut template that is in millimeters. That can be changed in the Document Setup>Units dialog, and apply to the things you draw on your pages in LayOut. When you add dimensions to your LayOut document, the units used, as Dave says, are determined by the dimension style. All these can be changed at any time.

Thanks for the quick responses.
I have no clue what the units are in the templates as that is not displayed when I have to select one. However, I see the Dimension Style and I can make changes there.

I do not see a place to create a template before choosing one. I do see a place to save as a template after I choose one and the model shows up.

I think I need to tell you what I am trying to do and see if it is even possible. I am making guitars and I have multiple components available in my library where I can choose body style, pickup, drop top, neck, etc… and build any type of guitar model. This all works well for me in SketchUp and I want to create the guitar in SketchUp then create a 1:1 scale plan (blueprint) for it with required dimensions and notes. In the shop I prefer working with a paper model where I can see everything at glance, sometimes from across the room, and lay a ruler on it to get a specific dimension.

Sorry for the book here, but this is what I am trying to figure out. I appreciate the help.

Generally if you select a metric paper size (A4, A3, etc) the units will be metric. If you select a paper size in inches (Letter, Tabloid, etc.) the units will be architectural.

If, after choosing a template, you select the Dimension tool, Dimension Style will show you the template’s units.

If you open LayOut and choose an existing template, you can modify it to include the desired paper size, dimension units, and things like font and leader style for labels. You can also add layers for content type and things like page borders, auto text, bolierplate text, logos, and so on. Once you have your documnet set up the way you want it, use Save as template. Then, going forward, you can select the template when LO opens whether you open it directly or use Send to LayOut.

As for what you want to do with your guitar components, that’s certainly a doable thing. Then send to LayOut and set up your viewports using the scenes you created. The first viewport is created when you send to LayOut. After that you copy the viewport and paste it or hold opetion while dragging a copy if it’s to be on the same page.

If you are going to create your own template, choose a paper size that will be big enough for full sized patterns if you’ll use those.

Make sure for views you want to show with a scale that you set up the scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view. Then you can choose the scale for the viewport in the sketchUp Model panel in LayOut.

All makes sense.
I see here you mention scenes, I have used them in the past within SketchUp but was not using them here.

I will spend some time seeing wha I can do before asking any more questions, thanks again.

Best workflow is to create scenes in SketchUp that show the model the way you want and use them for the viewports in LayOut. then do not modify the Camera settings in LayOut (no Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp model panel) and you should be in good shape.