Layout Not Remembering Tray Widths

I have a problem with Layout trays not remembering their widths.

I am using LO spread out over 2 monitors with the trays taking up the full width of one monitor and the paper space in the other.

Every time LO starts I have to reset the widths of the trays because LO starts with all the trays bunched up to one side of one of the monitors leaving me with paper space spanning one and a half monitors.

As an experiment I tried this on one monitor only and LO is not remembering tray widths either.

I have previously had the trays ‘floating’ so-to-speak from the main LO window on the other monitor but I don’t like that arrangement.

And yes, SU/LO has been installed as administrator.

I have found the same, moving the trays to another monitor is problematic. My solution was to get a 32" monitor.

I’ve just got myself a 27" 1440p monitor :exploding_head:

LO is spread out over two older 24" monitors

SketchUp Team…

This is really unacceptable!

I’m quite sure this didn’t used to happen.

I just tried LO 2018 again and that is not remembering tray widths either.

I’m going to try and re-install my SU/LO 2017 and check that version.

Is it the case that the Windows dock system has changed and all versions of SU/LO are affected, or is it a problem with recent SU/LO versions?

I have just been checking out my previous (until last week) PC and both 2019 and 2018 LO are not remembering tray widths. But LO 2017 is remembering.