Trays Grow in Width After Hiding

I work on a three monitor setup so I keep trays on a separate monitor with a tray for certain elements in their own tray, such as Layers (I’m never calling them Tags), Components, and Materials. And I have shortcuts setup to hide/show the trays when I need to. Now that I’ve upgraded to 2024, whenever I hide a tray then show it again, the tray’s width increases slightly. This bug is cumulative, so if I hide and show the tray again, it gets wider still, and so on. This is new to 2024. I’ve never seen this in past versions.
I’m on a PC running Windows 10 Pro.

And by 2024, I mean 2023. Also, this is my work computer, so it doesn’t match my profile.

So none of anything you have written that we can actually take as factual, unless of course you do have a time machine and or you have the alien trays that we have been… wait look into this