Tray Widths?

I can’t seem to make my Layout Tray any narrower. It’s chewing up precious screen real estate and I need it for my work space. I’ve looked through all of the settings and have dragged widths to no end. Any advice on this other than resetting the workspace that I’ve read about in older strings?


So dragging the left edge over to the right doesn’t work?

To what do you have display scaling set?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your quick reply and questions!


  1. Yes, tried dragging to the right. It’s stops at the width shown in my snippet.
  2. Scaling… Interesting question. I have recently moved over from my Dell Alien to a new Lenovo P17 Workstation as my primary rig. I run an HDMI out to my 42” 4K TV (which works great). My scaling, out of the Laptop is set at 125% now. I don’t think that’s the issue however because I’m able to reduce the width of SketchUp Pro’s tray to what I want (see snippet here).

I appreciate the assistance!


Out of curiosity, when you installed SKetchUp and LayOut did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

It sounds like something didn’t get installed correctly and I wonder if it’s a permissions issue.