Layout - Named Dimension + Text Styles

I want to have named/saved Styles for dimensions and text in Layout, so that I can change the definition of the Style and have it change throughout a multi page document. Precision, units, font, size, color, etc… all this could be in an editable Style definition, making it easier to maintain consistency in a large project or across many projects.


Interesting idea. +1

Do you currently have a template established with the settings as desired?

FWIW, until such time as this feature is added, you can make page-wide changes to the dimensions and text in a single step.

+1 on this. Would love to be able to have a saved out style / setting… even though I am pretty set on my 2-3 styles that I use right now…

I have my own templates in order, but when I have to edit and update someone ELSE’s 27-page set, it gets tedious and wants for a better way to do things.

(If Layout could have EXTENSIONS, maybe other people could make the improvements that Sketchup’s main team don’t.)

Speaking from personal experience - the problem is that it is highly unlikely that someone else would use it properly… I can’t even get some of my clients to use Tags and Layers during their schematic work.


oh for sure, but if i gotta manually change properties of 27 pages of stuff, at least it would only be one property to change.
but you do remind me the other thing layout needs - a format painter / match properties kinda tool.

That already does exist.