Layout Move by X mm

Hi there,

I am doing more and more in Layout. What I haven’t figured out yet. Is there a way to:

Move something by let’s say exactly 10,5 mm

Size, e.g. a rectangle to 15 x 22 mm



Yes to both questions, basically the same as in sketchup, start the action let go of the mouse and type what you want and hit enter.
So start drawing a rectangle in the direction you want, then type 15mm,22mm and hit enter.
Then start moving the rectangle and type 10.5mm and hit enter.

Note that I used a , between the dimensions and a . for the decimal. These will be affected by your regional settings. If you use a , normally for a decimal then you probably need a ; as the separator.

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also if you have, e.g. a line or rectangle and resized it, typing in the the exact dimension they would resize to that dimension

so a line that is 20mm long, resize, type 35mm, the line would become 35mm, type 5mm and it would become 5mm

Hi Box,

thanks for the reply. Ok - I can confirm that:

creating a line I can go for a precise input -> a big win already

Moving an item or editing an item I have not managed to input measurements. I made two videos, because I can see the box where I need to enter the measures but it keeps giving me an error here…

Any idea what I am missing?!!

As I mentioned above your regional setting change what you need to use.
Now I see that it is German that tells me you need to use 10,5 for a length and 15mm;22mm for the spacing of a rectangle.
You don’t need the mm if that is the document unit, but it means you can type other units as needed.