Layout memory error


I have recently upgraded to sketchup 2015 and layout 2015. I am working on a presentation that is about 15 pages long. The file Layout makes is about 2GB in size and when I go to reopen the file it says that it does not recognize the file. We have been using Layout for a couple years now and never encounter something like this.


For comparison, what size would you expect this file to be with the older version of LayOut?

I’d love to see the file to determine what’s going on, but 2G is a little big for easy transfer. If it’s a file you can share, could you make it available to me on dropbox or some similar service?

If you have sufficient free disk space, you could also do some investigation to help identify what’s going on. The .layout file is really just a .zip file, so if you rename your file to the .zip extension you should be able to look inside to see the sizes of the different parts of the file.



Hello Marc,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I am currently using Layout 3 to finish the job since it is a rushed job. And then I will return to you with the info, because we enjoy Layout and wish to be able to use the latest version in the future.



I opened the file from Layout 3 in Layout 2015 and there have been no problems so far. The file in both 2015 and 3 are about the same size. I really don’t know what caused the problem. But I will keep you up to date.

Thanks again,


We’ve had a very few scattered reports of files that suddenly became HUGE like this. In the case that I can think of, it turned out to be a huge image file - much larger than any image that the user had inserted. If this happens again, please do the unzipping trick I mentioned above, so we can get another hint about what’s causing this issue.