Layout SketchUp

I can’t open the layout file because its corrupted.
You know how to open this file, it has 2 GB

I’ve been working for two more weeks. I need to open it to keep going. This kind of error is happening almost every day when saving something in the layout and crashes all over my computer

Regardless of file size, this error is coming from SketchUp Layout, I need tech support to help me. Because I need to continue this work.
The problem is not my machine, it supports it, it’s a pc gamer

@colin may be able to help, and normally sees this kind of question and responds without prompting.

But just a comment: 2GB is a HUGE Layout file. I’ve just tried to view a 30MB file, and find that some of the dozen or so pages take several minutes to open on my iMac with Intel i5 processor, and competent AMD graphics.

If/when you are able to recover some or all of your file, it might be better to subdivide it into smaller sections.

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Why not contact them then? (via the webpage)

This is not tech support but an user forum. Most people, like me, who post here are just other users of SketchUp, not Trimble employees.

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