Layout: making 'References Update' more user friendly

The ‘LayOut References’ window is somewhat unsatisfying and annoying, there are often more mouse-clicks needed than necessary. I`d like to see it having all the UI features that a normal PC/Microsoft ‘Explorer’ window has.

Here are a couple of improvements that the Layout development team may consider:

  1. Sorting by clicking on the header of column.

  2. Remember last settings: window size, window position on screen, column order, column width, sorting.

  3. Maybe filter or tree structure? 99.9999% of all times I need to update SU files. I hardly need to touch image files, yet these ones can clutter the list, pushing the SU files down the list, out of immediate view and reach.

  4. add “update all and close window” button.

  5. Even better than #3: The ability to assign a shortcut key for 'update all outdated references’ would be very much appreciated, too. I would be using it multiple time each hour. I know that currently a hotkey for ‘File/Update Document’ can be assigned and the Sketchup model tray has a button for a single file update. However, it is good practice to keep model viewports diligently locked to prevent accidental changes - and there you go: a simple thing becomes a series of timewasting mouse clicking. Excuse my drama, but I have issues with a sore index finger…

  6. placement of "Document Setup’ popup window on current screen (in a multiple monitor setup, sometimes trays and popup windows can get lost)

  7. Background updating: I would like to skip the wait and keep working while the new file loads - is that technically possible, please?

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Yeah totally - this window has become a very frequent part of our workflow. All good suggestions!

Definitely highlight the SKP files - put them in a separate category or box, I think.

The file name box needs to be wider by default - I’m always needing to stretch it to see the file name & path. & I want to see the full path because we do save Local files as well as files on the company network…(SKP&LO don’t play nice on the network, as we know).

As for Shortcut idea - I see a lot of mistakes happen by less experienced users where they keep using the Relink button to point to a new version of the SKP file (we save SKP model files as XXX- v1.skp, then XXX-v2.skp, so relinking is necessary). The result is LO files bloated by including numerous SKP references, usually to differnet versions of the same model.
So I’d like a button placed next to the Update and Relink buttons that launches the Reference Manager.

Here’s a thought- has anyone tried unchecking the box that says Check References when Loaidng this document? - what does it do? is there any point to that? Seems to be a high profile checkbox if you ask me!

What it does is that you have to manually reload that reference. It’s useful for storing different versions of the same file I guess.

About the feature, I agree, though what I would like is that this panel could be docked.

At the same time a reload all references on page button would be very helpful along with a reload all references on doc. These buttons should ignore viewports that we would lock from updating, in order to keep versions of the same file embedded in LO document.

I have a shortcut key assigned for that. Well, it almost takes you there. It opens the ‘Document Setup’.
LO doc setup
Luckily it remembers the last viewed task:

I am unsure if I understand you correctly. Current behaviour is that locked and unlocked viewports are updated, isnt it? As long as your versions have separate file names, you can easily update/manage them separately with the 'Document Setup>Reference' manager, cant you?

I also have a shortcut and if you type A immediately after the Document Setup dialog appears, you have the Auto-Text window open, G toggles between Grid and Group, P for Paper, R for References and U for Units.

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AK_SAM - I avoid this problem by keeping all current versions of the model with the same name, and using ‘Save a Copy As…’ with a date, or note that makes sense for the workflow. This way I know that whatever file is ‘ClientName-JobName.skp’ is current, and anything like ‘ClientName-JobName-OriginalPorch.skp’ or ‘ClientName-JobName-Date.skp’ is old.

Saves having to remember that I have the proper file loaded.

For your info, I use dated prefixes in the YYMMDD format for all files and folders, so that they sort neatly in the windows explorer.
Live/active/current files stand out by using “X” placeholders (22xxxx Filename.skp).
Backup/archive files are generated by using “save as” and filling the placeholders with the current date (220913 Filename.skp). The dating is used as a basic version control system.

The only problem I see with that is using ‘Save As…’ - when you save a copy you keep working in the current file. When you ‘Save As…’ unless you close the file and open the original you will continue working on the Save As… version and then will have to re-link in LO.

But if it works for you, then great.

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