Change SU file reference


Is there a way to change what SU file my Layout doc is pointing to?

I copied my SU and Layout files to a new folder. Now I want to modify the name of the file a Layout viewport is pointing to. I looked in the Knowledge Center but could not find an answer. If I click on the “update model reference” I do not get an option to change the file name. Isn’t Layout still pointed to the original file?


You would do that from File>Document SetUp>References. Select the current reference file and choose Unlink. Then select it again if needed and click Relink. Choose the new file instead of the original SKP file.

If you just click on Update, it looks at either the original SKP file or the embedded version of it depending on what is available. Just putting the LO file in the same directory doesn’t change the link path to the SKP file.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Now that you gave these instructions I think I have seen that before somewhere. I did not find that in the knowledge center. I will try it as soon as I can get back to my computer


It used to be there. Spend some time looking at the references pane and consider the options you have with it.


Just to let you know, this was exactly the right solution.

Once again, Thanks for such a quick and accurate response.:grinning:


Simple Relink is enough…