Layout - Lines are jagged and not straight

We export SKU pro drawing to Layout to create a pdf to print. All the lines are jagged and not straight and clean. We don’t
MDM2024 - Design Layout.pdf (3.2 MB)
know how to fix this is and need help.

First thing I would try is rendering the viewport as Hybrid. To what do you have Line Scaling set for the viewport?

Im on a mac pro.
Please explain the Hybrid and where to goto to Line scaling for viewpoint?

Go to the Window menu and open the SketchUp Model panel. Select the viewport and change Raster to Hybrid. Line Scale is right above the render options.
Screenshot - 12_19_2023 , 12_20_03 PM

This is a fundamental part of working in LayOut which leads me to think you would benefit from going through the LayOut instruction at

Hybrid might work better, but if those textures don’t play nice with Hybrid you’ll need to render in Raster - just make sure you set the output resolution to ‘High’ in Document Setup>Paper:

You might also want to check the ‘Options’ when you Export (and make sure you export, don’t print), and turn off JPEG compression:

Then I would have a look at the line weights in LO and tweak them to look proportionate to your drawing.