Layout layers problem

Ground & 1st - Titian.layout (4.7 MB)

I’ve trying to put a rounded rectangle around some parts of the two floorplans in this model.

I can put the rounded rectangle round the floorplan on the left but not on the floorplan on the right. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks a lot

I guess I’d need more information. I was able to draw a round rectangle over the right hand part of the viewport. I made it red to show better.

Watch the active layer. Your rounded rectangle is on the layer under the one the viewport is on. You probably should have it on a layer over the viewport.

Thanks. When I try and draw a rectangle over the model it clears whatever is inside unlike your red triangle. I don’t know how I did the other one…

Oh. That’s different. After selecting the Rounded Rectangle tool, turn off Fill in the Shape Style window. The fill doesn’t show in your rounded rectangle because the rectangle is under the model viewport. When I opened your file the Default layer was active and since it is higher in the stack than the viewport, the rectangle got drawn over the viewport.

Thanks. How do I find the Fill in the Shape Style window?

I can only choose different colours. I can’t make it just an outline of whats underneath

Click on the Fill button to turn it off. The button is a toggle on/off thing.

Great. Many thanks