Layout 2024 Rectangle Tool Fill Style Not Updating

Hi All,
The rectangle tool used for masking/shading or ‘hiding’ areas isn’t updating from LayOut 2023 to LayOut 2024 as seen in the attached snapshots below. Note the Rectangle in the bottom left shaded/unshaded and please keep in mind both images are from the same file without further editing.
(Layout 2023 = Rectangle Shaded, Layout 2024 = Rectangle Not Shaded)
Also, all fill color details and appropriate layers are set to the same settings so any insight on why this is occurring would be appreciated.

There isn’t a “Masking Tool” per se in LayOut. Do you mean the rectangle isn’t showing fill in LO2024? Can you share the file so we can see the exact set up?

If you have Draft Mode set to Always On, then you will not see fills for rectangles or paths. Could you verify your draft mode state?



You’re correct. I updated the title and thanks for the heads up.
I’m currently checking a few additional settings. I’ll share if need be.

Yes, the Draft Mode was Enabled causing the fill details to not show up.
Thanks for the heads up and I’ll make a note of the draft mode view setting with further layout files.

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