Shape Style Fill not displaying

Setting up 2024 PRO and when I draw a shape, circle of rectangle, I can activate the stroke with a color and thickness and it displays in my layout document. However the color fill and pattern does not show up in my drawing??? Seems so simple to click the FILL button on and off by no results?? What am I missing?? Same is true for text box FILL can not be activated.

Are you trying to add fill to an existing shape? Do you have the shape selected?

Do you have Draft mode enabled in Preferences>Performance?

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Dave, this occurred when drawing a shape with fill/pattern toggled on and when selecting shape and adding a fill/pattern to the shape.
Thanks for the solution. Draft mode is in fact enabled so when I toggle off Draft Mode (k) the Fill/Pattern and Line Weight appear. In adapting to SU 2024 for my Architectural workflow seems I will toggle off Draft Mode when dimensioning and perhaps detailing. Thanks Dave

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