Boolean like operation for layout objects

I can’t seem to find a similar question to mine. I simply want to draw a rectangle with a transparent fill and cut out a shape that would have no fill and layer above my imported sketchup scene.

I’ve tried using cut and join. Thanks

This feature has been requested. Hopefully one day we will see it. Maybe a clipping mask would do what you need.

IIRC I think you have to use layers, 2 viewports, a semi transparent rectangle and clipping mask.

Thanks. I’ll give up on that. I’m sure there’s 2 or 3 other methods to get that look.

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What look do you actually want? Show an example.

Like this…which I just did in Sketchup. I could just tag the rectangle, easier than layout. I was just thinking I could put something like that shape in the layout scrapbook. But that was the wrong approach.

What @bmike suggested would be simple in LayOut with a couple of stacked viewports, a semi-transparent shape, and a clipping mask for the top viewport.

I’ll give that a try as well. Thank you both

Here’s a quick example.

Two identical viewports on separate layers with a slightly transparent rectangle on the layer between. A clipping mask used on the top viewport.

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I see!..pretty snazzy! Would not have thought of that. Thanks again

Thank Mike, of course.

FWIW, if you want to color over the clipped viewport, copy the clipping mask shape and paste it over the clipped viewport. Give it a fill color with transparency. I put the blue ellipse on another layer above the clipped viewport. By putting each entity on a separate layer it is easier to get at the ones underneath if needed.