Subtracting polygon surfaces in LayOut

Is there a way, in Layout to use one surface object to cut another? For example, draw a small circle inside a larger one and use it to clip a hole in the larger surface.
Seems like a typical CAD function, but can’t figure it out.

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There have been several topics like this recently …

… which prompted me to start a topic in the LayOut > Feature Requests category …

Well, thanks. It would be useful to be able to do that, have felt the need several times in the past. Regards.

Currently (up through LO2019), it cannot affect the underlying object.

However, if the inner circle’s fill is set to the same as the paper color (background) then it will “appear” as though the inner circle cuts the outer circle’s fill (although it actually just overlays the fill below.)

ADD: … and then grouping them together will make them act as one object (with respect to moving, scaling & stretching, etc.).

I have tried that and its a lot of fun matching colors. Trouble is, I would like detail of underlying object to appear in the “hole.” kind of like a mask over certain portions.

Well okay, you can make a donut by having a very wide stroke and no fill at all.


And to make it look like a circle with a hole, we can adjust the stroke color of the “donut” to say, tan.
Then add a couple of thin black circles, … and group the 3 into 1 entity.



Thanks, something to think about. Sill, be nice to be able to do it in the primitive level.

Theres a little trick you can use: Create the form that you want in sketchup like the circle with a hole inside. Select the face you created and then pres CTRL+C or CMD+C. Go to layout and press CTRL+V or CMD+V. And will create a link of sketchup but with only that face. Change the model to “Vector” and then “explode” it. Finally ungroup everything. Be careful, dont explode the shape, if you explode it you will get 2 circles but will loose the perforation. Now you can modify it the way you want.

Hope you find this useful. Cheers.


I am struggling with the same thing. I will try the thick doughnut and two circle idea as this seems least complicated and time-consuming…

I was looking for something like a clipping mask or a “subtract” and “join” command used as the solid element operation works in SketchUp…Would be nice.

Thanks, will try that.

It would be nice if they would make it possible to create shapes with holes in them. Until they do, it is possible.

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I would love to know how did you manage that.

I am working with SketchUp 2018 pro, but this is something 2021 can do better, this may be the time to subscribe.

Thanks Dave.

I think Dave may have created the overlay in SketchUp and inserted it into Layout…

Screenshot 2021-10-18 122624

Elaborating on what Warfrog89 mentioned, if you render the inserted SU shape as vector, explode it, delete the linework and keep the shape…


Nope. I didn’t create an overlay in SketchUp. It was done totally in LayOut. Probably better to do it in SketchUp as you show, though.

ah, ok…

(I think) I understand how you did it in Layout Dave

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I am not sure if I know how Dave achieved his results, but DanRAthbun`s solution is good enough for me. Relative quick and simple.