Problem drawing geometry on Sketchup model


Recently I have a problem when I am drawing an object geometry (line, circle, hatching etc) across my model.

Those geometries only appear outside of model area and disappear across my model.

Has someone experienced like me?? if yes, what caused and how to fix it?

I dont quite understand what you are describing. Could you provide a graphic or perhaps a video capture to help better explain the problem you are seeing?


Just a guess but the active layer–the one you are drawing on–is lower in the list of layers than the one on which the SketchUp viewport is situated. Either use a layer higher in the stack, rearrange the layers or move the viewport to a layer lower in the stack than the one you wish to draw on.

In LayOut, the order of layers is important unlike in SketchUp where the order isn’t important.

Hi DaveR,

You are right…thanks a lot