Linework obfuscated by model


I have an issue with linework being partially hidden behind a model. I have arranged the layer so that the linework is sitting at the front and the model sitting at the back, but its still obfuscated. It’s also impossible to select the lines (rectangle) without moving the model out of the way.

I’ve experience this issue with another model in the same document, but there it was an issue with a duplicated model (that was sitting exactly on top). It’s not the case here though. I’ve pasted a screenshot below.

Does anyone recognise this and have a solution?

Thanks in advanced, Babs

Just moments after asking above question, I figured out the solution. Unlike tags, the layers in Layout ‘actually’ funtion like layers, in that they, well, layer…

So rearranging the layers themselves, fixed the issue:
Screenshot 2022-08-14 at 10.25.59

Hope this helps someone else in the future.


Loved this post. Mainly for the word “obfuscated”. You don’t see that much now!

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One of the most relevant things I have read for some time.
Perfectly explains why Tags in Sketchup are not called Layers anymore.

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This is what you said in the first post, so I thought you had already done that…

My bad, poor phrasing. I was referring to the items on the page, eg. the model and the rectangle. Apologies.

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You mentioned trouble selecting when other items are behind it in the same layer. Remember you can move things vertically to avoid that problem. I was having the same problem making scenes until DaveR recommended that I move the scenes up.

Babs is working in LayOut, Royce. She correctly identified the problem of the lines being on a layer lower in the list than the layers with the SketchUp viewport. The fix was to rearrange the layers.

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Understand DaveR.

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