Layout is overloaded especially printing does not work

Hello, in the beginning I just want to say that I really appreciate working with layout. But now I am stuck.

I had been used to Layout always being a little slow. But since the version 2016 it got really bad. Since this version I have great problems in printing my projects in layout. There is no difference if I use a pdf-printer or a normal printer. Everytime my display driver crashes and/or Layout loads and loads an nothing happens until I stop the process in the task manager. Interessting is that some pages, especially those with less detail are printable.
But in Sketchup I have no problems with more complex scenes. Only layout makes more and more problems. And now I get only 2D-plans printed and every more complex scene does not work.
I already tried to stop hardware-acceleration. That didn’t help.
Since Layout does not crash itself I cannot present a report.

Has anyone an idea?

After testing a little bit more I have found out that when I reduce the output quality in the document setup printing works better. Could it just be that my system is to weak to print the files while working with them is possible?

Do you work them on Low raster settings? Because that’s what I do. If you’re working on Low but your output is High you probably found something.

Have you tried working on High?

I used to work with a medium rendering resolution for display and a high rendering resolution for output. Know I tried to change both resolution zu medium and it worked. Thanks for that idea.
When I change both to high than my display driver crashes again and Layout stops to work. Has anyone an idea why the display driver may crash when I change to the high rendering resolutions?

Because your GPU can’t handle it. Most probably you reach your GPU’s memory limit.

I wonder why you work on medium settings, you probably don need higher than that when working, there’s no lost accuracy, it’s slower, consumes more VRam and you can work on lo and export higher quality…

I have a Titan X GPU, which is very fast and has 12gb Vram, and still find great benefit in working on low settings.

High resolution means 300 DPI in conventional terms. It uses roughly 10 times the memory of Low resolution. If your page is large, it takes a lot of VRAM (for instance, an A0 page would need about 4.5 gigabytes.


I used to work on low. But this doesn’t work anymore. I can only print in medium when I also work in medium. Maybe I just change to medium in the workingspace when I want to print.

Thanks Anssi for the numbers about the RAM. I just wonder why I didn’t have such heavy problems until the last months. Maybe my models got more detailed since I work more precicly know.

If you have your Layout file rendered on medium and your output is also medium, probably Layout doesn’t have to reload all images and spend more vram on that.

If that’s the case and you are working on medium and already on the limit of your computer, you won’t be able to export on low.

The rever should also be true, if you have your project loaded on low, and if rendering it on medium spends total surpasses the amount of vram you have, then GPU can’t handle it and LO crashes.

Basically if you have 1Gb Vram and rendering on low spends 400Mb while rendering on med spends 800Mb, rendering both will spend 1.2Gb, wich would be more than you can handle.

Have you tried working on low and exporting on low? Maybe the output quality is enough for your needs. If so, do yourself a favor and work on low.

If you want to output on medium you can still work on low and change to work on medium just before printing so you don’t have to handle two settings simultaneously.

Of course you could disregard all this theory as it’s completelly guessed! :smiley:

My theory is pretty much the same. So thank you for your help and I think
about buying a card with more vram.