Layout 2016 crashes

When I try to print from Layout, the program chashes allmost every time! Ans it’s a pain… Sorry the tekst is in danish :slight_smile:

Hello. Have you tried exporting a PDF and printing that file?

Hi VahePogossian
Yes I tried that and that works just fine. Only problem is that the colors looks quite pale!
AND, should the " print" function not work in a program that costs money? :smirk:

Hm, I can’t say why LayOut crashes, maybe others will know something. But even if it didn’t, I presume the colours would still look the same if you printed it directly from LayOut. If you have Photoshop, change the PDF colour mode to CMYK and raise the Saturation a bit. That will ensure your colours are more correct.

Hi Maler-

Have you been submitting BugSplat crash reports? I looked in our database and didn’t see any with your name on them. This would help us determine why LayOut is crashing.

As a wild guess, LayOut may be crashing because your printer name has a unicode character in it. If you have the ability to rename the printer to something simpler, perhaps that will help.


Many of the basic colours and materials in SketchUp palettes are very saturated and impossible to print with anything approaching fidelity. That, or something with the actual printer (an empty ink cartridge?) might be the reason for the “paleness”. Maybe the RGB to CMYK conversion suggested might help, though the automatic substitutions suggested by Photoshop are often wide off the mark. The CMYK colour space is much smaller than RGB, therefore the difficulties.


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It should, but covering every possible iteration of printer is hard, and I worked for printer companies and wrote service bureau printer drivers before moving on. In the early days of LayOut, a friend of LayOut’s (Edson) was crashing a lot, and I very publicly, on the forum, I told everyone I would take whatever time it took to fix Edson’s problem to prove to everyone that his crashes were not due to LayOut. So, I looked at his printer model: it was an HP printer that didn’t sell in the US, so they dumped the printer on the Brazil market, with outdated printer drivers. He wasn’t even printing, and yet his printer driver was crashing LayOut. I had him install the Guten-print drivers from and his crashes went away. It was a horribly-written printer driver. My wife still works at a printer company. I think printers suck and avoid printing until I really have to. Bring back NeXT printers with computer-based rasterizers, and I’m happy.

Oh, and you kids stay off my lawn. :slightly_smiling:

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