Layout: How do I turn off my axis lines (make them unseen)?

Hello, I’m fairly new to Layout, and was experimenting with the Sketchup Model Styles, and was wondering how I can conceal my axis lines (red, green, blue) while in Layout? Or, must I hide these lines in Sketchup before I send my model to Layout? Thanks-

LayOut viewports are based upon SketchUp scenepages. Each scenepage can have it’s own style (if needed.)

So say you have a scene page named “Work” (I do in my default template and have created an in model style just for this page named “Work Style”. Ie, I use the scenepage name as the corresponding style name. My template also has default “Thumbnail” and “Print” scenes each with their own named style.)

So refer to the style edit panel below where I have hilighted the “Modeling settings” button, and on it, the "Model Axis: checkmark.

When you make the change, you’ll see the refresh watermark appear over the style thumbnail in the top left of the Styles panel, so save the changes to the style, save the model file again, and update in LayOut.

BUT,… you can also have a shared style for all the scenepages that will be used for LayOut viewports,… say you name it “ViewPort” style, … you can make the change in that one style, and then all the scenepages can share it.

If this is a new style for your model, you can (after creating it,) select multiple scenepages in the Scenes inspector (using the SHIFT and CTRL modifier keys,) and then switch to the Styles inspector (with the scene selection still active,) and choose the new style for all those selected scenepages.
Then immediately switch back to the Scenes inspector and click the “Update Scene(s)” button. (Make sure the “Style and Fog” is one of the checked items in the update list.)
As before, save the model.

theres a much simpler way,no need to complicate things for yourself especially since such a simple question sounds very novice orientated (pun intended)no offense, i am a novice too.
Simply :

  1. select View from the available tool buttons (circled in red in attached jpeg)

  2. scroll down to Axes
    3.deselect it

  3. you can always come back to it and reselect it again at a later stage if you need to re-orient your model or a components before sending to Layout but yes once you are more proficient in using sketchup and layouts seemsless integration techniques (which I am not) it probably is a very good idea to follow @DanRathbun 's suggestion as it will give you a much higher level of implementation control. I am still trying to get my head around the whole layers and components and groups thing. getting there slowly but surely, don’t always get it right as I tend to get carried away with the actual drawing of the model and forget to make levels at the right times per component.usually too late. so as its been mentioned before time and time again: SAVE SAVE SAVE, i’m telling this for myself more than anyone else!

The SketchUp axis lines do not show in LayOut viewports except if you open the viewport to move the camera (which you shouldn’t do) so there’s no need to turn them off in SketchUp, at least as far as LayOut is concerned.


whoops! sorry I did not correctly read the question. my apologies. yes the OP does say:

so Ive showed myself up,and yes I am a novice,so I’ll just shutup if I am not being helpful.:wink: