Layout Help- Sketchup Drawing moved from page after close

Hello. I am new to both Sketch Up and Layout but have found learning pretty intuitive and lots of help on web etc in understanding what is happening. I’ve been using SU to produce building plans. On the last few plans after I’ve printed and saved to PDF luckily, closed the file and reopened the SU drawing has been moved off the Layout page and the page basically useless unless I were to start over.

This is the layout page when opened after I closed it in program.

How would I get Layout to display the page like I want it to be, with the SU drawings actually on the page like they were before I closed Layout?

On my phone at the moment but it looks like either you modified the scene in LayOut or you used the Last saved SketchUp view for the viewport. You need to create scenes in SketchUp for the views you want in LayOut and to avoid issues like this, you also need to avoid modifying the scenes in LayOut.

The exact fix depends on exactly what you did. Sharing the LayOut file would help. If it’s not something you can share publicly, share it in a private message and I’ll look at it when I get home.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been getting the SU drawing to a point in SU that I want it displayed in Layout then selecting the complete thing using control-c in SU then using control-v in Layout. There are actually (4) SU views of the same drawing in this layout page. How would I share the Layout file?

This is PDF file of how I wanted the Layout file to look. I’m glad I saved to PDF before I closed the Layout file.

Sorry if I sound like such a novice, its pretty obvious that I am.

Copy and paste is definitely your problem. That’s not the right work flow and is the source of your problem.

After creating scenes in SketchUp, save the file. Then in the File menu, select Send to LayOut. After you get the first viewport in LayOut, copy it and choose the desired scene in the SketchUp Model panel or by clicking Scene after right clicking on the viewport.

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Knowing how I made this mistake do you feel I can bring it back to how I want it to look without starting over?

Not really. Or at least not that easily. I think you could keep all the text stuff at the bottom of the page but you’ll need to redo your labels or at least reposition them after you’ve properly created the scenes and viewports.

Part of the problem with your copying from SU to paste in LO is that you have no real reference file. Copy creates a temporary file which the operating system deletes during its normal maintenance.

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I see. Luckily I have the PDF file I made for reference. I appreciate your help in helping me figure out the root of my problem so I do not have to go through this from now on.

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