Synchronization problems between sketchup and layout



greetings, the problem that I have is that when closing session in layout and sketchup to continue the next day, is that then not synchronize both programs and the changes I do in sketchup are not updated in layout


A few things to check.
make sure any scenes in SU are updated and that the SU file is saved.
Layout should then update.
If not, in doc setup, select the SU file reference and update it… or in the layout document, right click the SU window ref and update.

If it is still not updating, make sure the scene hasn’t been “modified” ( that is you have altered the SU scene in Layout)…if you did the scene in the list will show (modified) next to it. That SU scene is now “orphaned” from the original SU file and will not update with changes to the SU file. Best to re-reference it and subsequently make any view changes in SU NOT Layout so that it will update as expected.

When you say “closed session” assume both programs were shut down? If not, layout can produce issues if left on?
“What we want the user to do is save the layout document and CLOSE the layout document. Basically don’t have layout running overnight/weekend, since it can potentially just delete some of the contents. We are working on a permanent fix, but please let us know if you still see issues after applying this suggestion”


thanks for the information, problem solved.