Layout glitch?

Hello - been using Layout for construction documents for over a year. Have had no big issues that needed addressing until now. Hoping someone has the answer.

This just recently started happening. Every time I move the viewscreen (panning left to right or zooming), it has a weird display that did not happen before. Everything looks very simple (for lack of better words), details disappear then reappear like the Layout is loading?

No settings were changed, so it is very confusing why it started happening.

I’ve attached the file and images to show what I see on my screen in case it is a different scenario for you.

I’ve also uninstalled / reinstalled SketchUp & Layout but nothing seems resolved.

Thank you for your help.

Proposed Plans_24x36.layout (13.9 MB)

I expect you have Draft Mode enabled in Preferences>Performance. That mode allows faster zooming and moving around on the page. Turn it off if you don’t want it.

Wow… that did the trick. Did not know it was that easy of a fix or how it even got turned on first place. Surprised when I uninstalled & reinstalled it everything didn’t go back to default setting.

Thank you for your help & quick reply.

That was the the default setting.