Layout 2014 tools not working


I’ve reinstalled Sketchup and Layout 2014 3 times now and my Layout tools are not working at all.


What do you mean by [quote=“Janet, post:1, topic:27127”]
my Layout tools are not working at all.

Are there specific tools in LayOut that are not working? Which ones specifically? What happens when you try to use them?


None of them work at all. I can’t select, draw lines, anything.


Does the cursor show the tool you’ve selected?

Can you open an existing LayOut file?

I don’t know if this will help in this case but open Sketchup and go to the sketchup menu (left of File) and choose openGL. Untick the box for Use Hardware Acceleration. Then open LayOut and see if anything has changed.

FWIW, your profile indicates you are running El Capitan. SU2014 was developed before El Cap and isn’t supported for that OS. It could be part of the problem.


I can open Layout and import a Sketchup file. But I can’t work on it at
all, not to change the scale or draw or anything.

I unticked the Hardware Acceleration box, no change.

Not sure what to do about the OS. I don’t really want to go back to
Yosemite. Plus it was working before on El Capitan, until I uninstalled
and reinstalled to fix the Bug Splat.


What kind of a Bug Splat? Was uninstalling/reinstalling the suggested fix?

Did you quit and restart LayOut and SketchUp entirely after disabling Hardware Acceleration?


The bug splat came on in Sketchup, usually within a minute of opening any
file. LayOut was fine up until then, and there wasn’t any particular
action that precipitated it in Sketchup.


How did you come to the conclusion that uninstalling and reinstalling would fix it?

Very commonly Bug Splats that occur shortly after opening SketchUp end up getting traced to the GPU and turning off Hardware Acceleration takes care of it.

Have you done a cold reboot of your computer?


The Sketchup Help Center told me to uninstall and reinstall. I’ve done a
cold reboot, but it couldn’t hurt to do it again.


OK. Hmmmm…

Maybe the reboot will help. Fingers are crossed.


Yeah, no.

I really wanted it to but everything is the same.


Nuts! And you have added your license?


Maybe I could tell from your crash - please send it in. 2014 is a bit dated, so we haven’t had ANY recent crashes on Mac LayOut 2014.


Hi Janet-

Could you walk me through exactly what happens when you try to use a tool? The more detail the better. Here are some questions to keep in mind:

  1. When you click on a tool icon (for example, the label tool) does the mouse cursor change appearance?
  2. When you’ve chosen a tool and click on the page, does anything appear at all?
  3. Close your eyes and pretend the tool is working, then perform a standard set of tool actions (for example, for the circle tool, click once, move the mouse, and click again). Now zoom out - does the newly drawn circle appear anywhere? (may not be on the paper).



Hi everyone, thanks for helping me out here.

Yes, I renewed my license again this morning, all good there.

The crashes were in SketchUp, Layout was fine. I went to the help center and it said that uninstalling and reinstalling might help so I did that and that’s when my Layout problem started. Before that, I did send a report, every time it crashed. The last one would have been about a month ago, which is when I gave up and did the uninstall/reinstall.

When I use a tool, I select it from the tool bar and it highlights and the cursor does respond appropriately. When click on the page nothing appears. In any tool. When pretend to draw circles, boxes, lines, etc., the cursor moves (and there are statistics (line length, circle dimensions, etc.) in the measurements box in the lower right hand corner of the page. But nothing on the screen, on or off the paper.


Might be a long shot but is it possible that you have a layer at the bottom of the list active and maybe a filled rectangle on a layer higher in the list? That would cause the tool to appear as if it didn’t work.


Good idea, but no. Just double checked all layers and pages. There’s literally nothing on them, no hidden layers or locked pages or hidden pages.


But here’s something interesting I just discovered, if I have the line tool on and I’m making invisible lines, every once in a while I get the little ‘On Point’ message, as if there were something there. So LayOut knows I’ve been drawing and it thinks there are lines on the page, I just can’t see them. Nothing is locked or hidden, no layers except what comes with a new document.


Is that your final answer? :slight_smile:

I’m running out of suggestions.


What color is the line color set to?